Shiprock Santa Fe

Shiprock Santa Fe gallery, located on the historic Santa Fe Plaza, is rooted in the rich artistry, cultures and traditions of the Navajo and other Native American tribes of the Southwest. Taking inspiration from the Navajo legend of Shiprock, a sacred volcanic rock formation believed to have once been a great-winged bird that carried the Navajo peoples to northwestern New Mexico, the gallery spans place and time, merging historic and contemporary Native American art with modern mid-century furnishings in an eclectic gallery aesthetic.

For over 30 years, fifth-generation art dealer Jed Foutz, who was raised on the Navajo Nation in a prominent family of Indian art traders, has refined his singular vision into Shiprock Santa Fe's curated collection of historic and contemporary Navajo rugs and blankets, Native American jewelry, Pueblo pottery, sculpture, basketry, folk art and fine art by leading Native American artists. Collectible furniture by iconic designers adds an unexpectedly modern touch to Shiprock's classic Native American selection.

Photo: © William Clift