February 22nd, 2018

Of the Moment: Navajo Double Saddle Blankets

In the horse-savvy southwest, saddle blankets were practical, functional pieces of art used and prized by Diné, Anglo and Mexican riders, a necessary accessory for the health and wellbeing of your mount.

Saddle blankets do not conform to regional styles, but rather are differentiated by technique or pattern. We have divided this collection into three distinct styles of double saddle blankets: Empty center, twill and double panel. The empty center design style, beginning around the1920’s, concentrates design elements on the visible part of the weaving, the borders that peek out from underneath the saddle.

Double panel blankets feature two distinct patterns, allowing for two different designs depending on how the weaving is folded. Twill saddle blankets were perhaps the most widely used, prized by riders for durability and comfort, a perfect mix of functionality and beauty.