Though it was handed to me over the years in bits and pieces, in skills and stories, I understand now what it means to be a carrier of this torch, a holder of the ancient knowledge and beauty of Tlingit culture. This torch in itself is a feat of resilience, of defiance, and I strive to stay true to those before me and to hopefully inspire those who come after me. I hope to leave my mark, my experiences and perceptions, before I too pass the torch. While it’s my turn to be a carrier, I want to share with the world the beauty of my culture."


"It may be important to note that it is not considered appropriation or inappropriate for anyone of any ethnicity  to wear or purchase these designs , as these are my own unique interpretations of the original crests, and it a long standing tradition to trade this jewelry and to sell this art form, which helps to support my culture and allows me continue learning, practicing, and pushing forward with this art form.”