Boyd & Allister

"I grew up in eastern Pennsylvania about 1.5 hours from the homes of Wharton Escherick and George Nakashima as well as being surrounded by shaker inspired furniture from a young age. These influences have remained strong and melded with my later love for mid century designers like Pierre Chapo and Jean Prouve. I came to Santa Fe for St Johns college and graduated in 2001. After graduating I worked for 8 years learning traditional building methods across NM building adobe, straw bale, and rammed earth buildings... with a knee injury in 2009 I took time off to learn to make furniture. Founded Boyd and Allister in 2011 making custom furniture and continue to do so. I also launched a non profit to provide affordable spaces for emerging and underrepresented artists in Santa Fe in 2016. Vital Spaces has grown and provides over 40 studios to our community throughout the city." - JONATHAN BOYD