Cody Sanderson

Cody Sanderson, b. 1964, was raised in Window Rock, Arizona and is of Dine, Hopi and Nambe descent. Working from a studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he has been involved with jewelry making on and off since 1999. Cody was soon selling each piece he made to support his family. His primary medium is sterling silver and 18-karat gold. He also enjoys working in aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and 14-karat gold. Cody makes works that he calls visually digestible. He states "My pieces represent good times and fun, they are not deep or hinged on political views. If it looks like a Lego piece its because it is a Lego piece. It doesn't look like a spider, it is a spider." Everything Cody does is an evolution. His work is original and inventive, while maintaining traditional influences. Says Sanderson: "Some of my inspirations come from my children, household objects and back home settings. I like using heavy gauge materials, so that each piece is substantial and will last for generations. Fabricating a final piece may include bending, casting, forging, fusing, hammering or stamping. I have made pieces such a stainless steel corsets, aluminum handbags and even a diamond plated mailbox. I devote one day out of my week to experiment with new mediums and techniques, this process will continue to make my jewelry evolve rather than become stagnant and mundane. As a metal smith, I want to pass on my knowledge and continue inspiring other artists. My long term goals are to keep advancing in my field, and eventually have workshops and seminars for other metalsmiths."