Jared Chavez

b. 1982 Simplicity and attention to detail have always been central concepts behind all the art I create. From the beginning of my training as a metalsmith, I was taught the essentials of jewelry fabrication, but I was never told what to make or how it should look. Luckily having my father as a teacher, renowned lapidary artist, Richard Chavez, the idea of less is more was already there. It was an idea so fundamental in my artistic development that excess is still something I shy away from today.

All of my metalwork takes into consideration a balance of texture and light. I have found over the years these elements can overwhelm one another, disrupting the aesthetic beauty of a piece. As I evolve as a metalsmith Ive learned materials such as sterling silver, 14k gold, and semi-precious stones have married well with the abstract approach of my designs. While most of my work consists of non-representational styling, personal life experiences have added a great deal to my creations. It is because of this, the narrative plays such an important role in some of my larger vessels.

I will to continue to develop as a jeweler, exploring other techniques and materials, with hopes that in my progress I will be able to reach a broader market while maintaining the ties that encouraged me thus far in my career.