Liz Wallace

Liz Wallace, Navajo, Washoe and Maidu, b. 1975

Liz Wallace was born to te Tachiinii Clan (Red Running Into the Water People).

As a young girl Liz would watch her parents, Alan Wallace and Kathryn Morsea (both renowned artists) as they made their own works of art in gold and silver. Liz has been actively creating jewelry since 1996. Lizs favorite motifs include the classic or traditional Navajo style as well as designs that represent the Art Nouveau period, a time when artists believed images taken from nature and myth should work in harmony with materials to create a total work of art.

I have always admired and been fascinated by fine jewelry, its construction, the materials, and and the various socio-cultural contexts in which it was createdWhile I will always love the ingenuity and resourcefulness exhibited by old Navajo and Pueblo smiths, my inspirations are diverseI am both a product of my environment and of my choices within it.