Phillip Vigil

Phillip Vigil (Jemez Pueblo/Jicarilla Apache)is a fourth generation artist based in New Mexico, he considers himself a visual artist, as his work encompasses a variety of media. He is a self-taught artist, having started creating art in 2006 and showing his work in art shows and galleries since 2009. His love of art began as a young boy when he realized the paintings on the walls were done by his grandfather.

He never intended on becoming an artist, he had other plans but art was right under his nose the entire time. Phillip creates paintings, collages, drawings, prints, photography and painting hand-made slippers made in Turkey in collaboration with The Sabah Dealer and Sabah Shoes. Phillip sells his work world-wide.

Phillip was also the guest artist for At The Artists Table, an event held every year in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Phillip created unique mono-prints for each guest who attended the dinner that culminated in Santa Fe in August 2014. Phillip was paired with world-renowned chef John Rivera Sedlar who created the nights dinner inspired by Phillip's work.

Phillip is currently represented by Shiprock Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Four Winds Gallery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.