Rick Dillingham

Rick Dillingham (1952-1994) was a master potter of both traditional and contemporary styles, a published author, and a ceramic artist. He achieved a B.A. at the University of New Mexico and an M.F.A. from Claremont College of Arts and Crafts. Rick Dillingham continuously challenged the way people looked at pottery by creating it with overt imperfection. It was this imperfection that enabled him to confront the status quo of pottery artistry and perception. He would create "perfect" pots and then break them, only to put them back together in a way that allowed him greater artistic freedom. He pioneered this deconstructed style that is viewed as both unconventional and modern. Pottery by Rick Dillingham can be found worldwide. He was both a scholar and an artist, which allowed him to be one of the most respected dealers of Native American pottery. One of his most important legacies was his book titled "Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery,” a must for any pottery collector's library.