March 17th, 2020, Of the Moment: Turquoise Rings

For this collection, we are pleased to celebrate the changing of the season, the storing away of gloves and mittens and letting our hands see the sun again. Spring is here and we are showing off our rings!
We are pleased to add a selection of vintage beauties to the website, with a wide range of techniques and styles. In this group there are options for all tastes, from a cluster ring with forty individual bezel set pieces of turquoise to a Zuni channel inlay that calls to mind the scales of a fish, and turquoise cabochons cut and shaped into teardrops, octagons, and ovals.
One of our favorite aspects of vintage turquoise is the variety and depth of color. Stones with rich hues ranging from the bright green of budding leaves to the cerulean blue of the high desert skies of New Mexico, these rings will bring a flash of color and history to your hand.