AUGUST 27th, 2020 - Rare Beauty: Navajo Weavings 1875-1940

Eye dazzling wedge weaves, the mathematical precision of diamond twills, and perhaps the most unusual of all, the longhaired, lustrous weavers mat. As our final offering for August, we are pleased to present an extraordinary collection of Navajo blankets in some of their rarest forms.

The weavings in this exhibit were made between 1875 and 1940, and represent a variety of styles and techniques, but all of them began life as functional objects. As pieces of art they are beautiful, but when understood as creative solutions to everyday challenges, they are exceptional.

Unfortunately, we will never know the names of the weavers who dedicated time, energy and copious skills to creating the pieces highlighted here. But we can applaud an approach to living that celebrates great beauty in daily life.